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Medela Breast Milk Storage Solution

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Breast Pump Accessories
Easy Storage!
Description and Overview 

The Breastmilk Storage Solution™ is the perfect complement to any Medela breastpump. The complete system allows you to safely store, organize, and protect your breastmilk throughout your breastfeeding experience. Medela breastmilk bottles, labeling lids, and Pump & Save™ breastmilk bags are compatible with all Medela breastpumps and ideal for short or long-term storage. The extra containers are also great to pump into for fast, easy breastmilk storage.


    Everything a mom needs to store, organize and protect her breastmilk.
    Complete assortment of storage containers for baby's growing and changing breastmilk needs.
    Versatile tray can be used in fridge, freezer or counter.
    Unique lids helps mom quickly identify which bottle to feed next.


    (6) 5 oz / 150 mL breastmilk bottles
    (6) 2.7 oz / 80 mL breastmilk bottles & lids
    (6) breastmilk labeling lids
    (20) 5 oz / 150 mL Pump & Save breastmilk bags
    (1) storage tray
    (1) breastmilk storage guidelines magnet

Important: Plastic bottles and component parts become brittle when frozen and may break when dropped. Also, bottles and component parts may become damaged if mishandled, e.g. dropped, over-tightened, or knocked over. Take appropriate care in handling bottles and components. Do not use the breastmilk if bottles or components become damaged. See instruction manual for cleaning instructions.



Breastfeeding…the Very Heart of Our Business. Medela’s primary focus is breastfeeding…by helping moms to successfully breastfeed their babies and to do so for as long as they choose. Meeting this goal responsibly is at the heart of everything we do. Medela supports the WHO Code’s call for commitment to breastfeeding and breastmilk as the optimal nutrition for the growth, development and health of babies. With an extensive portfolio of breastpumps, Medela also offers breastmilk feeding products that help moms provide expressed breastmilk back to their babies. While the WHO Code prohibits the marketing of feeding bottles and teats to mothers, Medela is acting on our responsibility to increase, rather than limit information supplied directly to mothers that helps them make informed decisions on products that can increase their breastfeeding duration. Medela’s breastmilk bottles come in a variety of sizes and are made with BPA-free plastic. In line with the AAP Guidelines on introducing bottle feeding, Medela is pleased to offer a system for feeding breastmilk once breastfeeding is well established. The combination of our breastpumps, specialty feeding devices, conventional feeding systems, and breastfeeding accessories helps Medela realize our obligation and commitment to mothers by offering products to support their complete breastfeeding experience

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