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Contour Original Contour Leg Pillow

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Health & Wellness
Orthopedic Support
Live Well
Description and Overview 
    Perfect knee pillow for side sleepers
    Helps restore natural alignment for a better nights sleep - Relax back muscles
    High quality medical grade foam provides firm support and maintains its shape during the night - Relieve strain on your hips, knees and joints
    Patented design properly aligns legs, hips and spine
    Now includes a high quality velour cover! It's removable and washable.

If you prefer a slightly softer Leg and knee pillow, try the Memory Foam Leg Pillow


Contour Living

Since the introduction of our first product in 1991, Contour Products has emerged as an innovative leader in the ergonomics industry. We are a worldwide distributor of unique products that meet everyday comfort and support needs for people of all ages. Our products help to properly align the body for better rest at night and comfort during the day for improved total well being. We believe being comfortable isn't just an indulgence, it’s a necessity to obtaining quality sleep and maintaining good health. That's why we partner with physicians, chiropractors and sleep experts and use customer feedback to develop the best possible products for the marketplace. As a result of our diligent research and development efforts, we currently own more than 60 patents and trademarks registered in the United States and 30 others abroad.

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